There are so many things to consider when making such a choice. You could just love the way either a wig or hair braiding shop selling pre stretched hair for braiding and braiding servicesbraid looks on you. In other cases it could be what suits your lifestyle. If you just want to wake up, get ready and move at the quickest time without worrying about laying your hair then a wig (frontal) may not be the option for you. On the other hand, if you don't mind waking up 15 to 30mins early to get ready and get that wig right before walking through that door, then wig it. For those who can't afford that luxury of time due to their busy schedules, then BRAIDS may just be perfect for you. Let me tell you why . Sometimes you can be so busy and your doing the best you can to tick the to-do-list, by doing so, in the mayhem you leave your house without your wig to the grocery store. All you know is you get to the superstore and people are staring at you but you don't know why. You just ignore them and carry on with the task at hand. Only for you to pass those mirrors in the clothing area and you're thinking, did I see right? Hmmmmm you reverse back only to get a confirmation that oh yes you saw right. YEP!! The old cornrows in full view no wig to cover that secret of yours. Listen save yourself that embarrassment and get your braids on!!!!