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NEW ARRIVAL!!! We are selling a set of bamboo combs in their own pouch holdall. Each item is exquisitely crafted and engraved with our Lily Oasis branding so they are stylish and distinct items that you can cherish and show off.





 Lily Oasis Set of Bamboo Combs

Set of 5 bamboo combs of varying sizes and tooth size to maintain healthy hair. Suitable for all hair types and comes in a cotton storage bag. All combs are manufactured from 100% natural Bamboo and can be used by both men and women.






Are you looking for a quality yet affordable braiding hair extension?

Lily Oasis has got you covered. We provide quality braiding hair extensions for protective hairstyles. This includes a range of pre-stretched braiding, and crotchet hair available in different lengths and colours. 

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Crochet Hair
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